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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Happy Movember!!

[I made this on my iPhone with the Stachematic app.]

Return To Normalcy

October was definitely the toughest month of the year for me. While it did include a pretty fun trip, there was a little too much loss and sadness and mourning and all that jazz for my liking. But now that the haunted month of Halloween is over, I think I’m well on the way to getting myself back on track.

I finally got cleared to start riding a couple of weeks ago. First, I went a couple of miles, then a few more and finally all the way up to fifteen miles. Mostly flats, of course, and not as fast as I wanted to go, but still a success in my book. Today was the first day I commuted to work and that went very well. Now it’s time to keep it up, get more active and shed all this post surgery weight!!

Pictures from my Bay Area Trip 

My mom is cuter than your mom!! :D

Chargers Season Review

On one hand, we should be happy that we’ve survived our historically slow month of September with a 4-1 record entering the Bye week.  On the other hand, we just as easily could have been 0-5.  We didn’t dominate any of the games we should have and let every team come within a possession of beating us and that’s quite troubling to say the least.  But now is usually the time when we start picking it up and playing to our potential, so let’s hope they’ve spent the week off making the proper adjustments.  Okay, without further adieu, to get my own personal Chargers fix, I’m just going to write a little blurb about each position.  Enjoy!!

Quarterbacks: Philip Rivers is definitely not having the MVP season I envisioned.  He’s throwing way too many interceptions and just making bad decisions.  But he still makes excellent clutch throws like the third down late in Denver to show he’s still got it.  For now, I’m going to be Rivers apologist, give him the benefit of the doubt, and blame it on the lack of an off-season.  I hope the Bye does him good and he can get back on his usual track.  PS. I’m loving how he’s showing off his scrambling skills.  SLOW scrambling skills, but scrambling skills nonetheless.

Running Backs: What do you do when you lose your best pass catching running back to free agency?  You don’t fret.  Especially when you have Mike Tolbert!!  This guy does everything.  He’s been catching passes and running hard showing everyone why he’s a fan favorite.  Ryan Mathews is finally showing why we drafted him so high.  He’s showing flashes of brilliance and just needs to keep it up on a consistent basis without always getting hurt.  Hester is continuing his typical do it all kind of work at the FB spot and even as a tailback when needed.  

Wide Receivers: So far, Vincent Jackson is having a monster season.  If he keeps it up, he’s going to be pretty expensive at the end of the year.  Floyd is also playing pretty well.  Both of these guys need to stay away from injuries just like the running backs.  

Tight Ends: Antonio Gates is one of the greatest tight ends to play the game - when not injured.  And so far this year, he hasn’t been able to prove he can be healthy.  He’s supposed to come back after the bye, but it’s troubling to think that he had the whole off-season and he’s still having these lingering issues.  McMichael has been playing great in his stead, but he’s no Gates.

Offensive Line: In my estimation, the offensive line has played alright.  Nothing great, nothing horrible.  They’ve opened up lanes for the running backs and blocked well enough for Rivers.  The only problem I can see is our short yardage offense on downs like 3rd and 1.  Or maybe my real problem is Norv’s propensity for always running that fullback dive!!

Defensive Line: I might be the only one who thought this was a big loss, but I can’t wait for Castillo to return.  And it’s not because we share the same surname and I have his jersey, but because I thought he was sneaky good with penetration and clogging up double teams.  I think Garay can do no wrong on or off the field.  Especially when following him on twitter is so much fun.  Haha.

Linebackers: I love Takeo Spikes and his lack of neck!!  He’s the kind of player our defense has been lacking for a while.  Butler’s been solid in his first year with the starting gig.  I expect him to only get better, especially under Spikes’ tutelage.  I’d like a few more sacks from Phillips and LaBoy and whoever else is on the edge rushing, but I’m optimistic they’ll get that sorted.

Secondary: The loss of Bob Sanders was quite the early disappointment this year.  I had such high hopes since his initial signing and thought he would play like his pre-injured self and provide us our first reliable SS since Harrison.  Weddle and Gregory have been okay in the back, but I still think they get run over too much on tackles.  Jammer and Cason have been solid and I’m excited to see more of Gilchrist.  

Special Teams: While everyone else was cheering the loss of Kaeding for the year, I was worried our kicking game would suffer, especially after seeing the career stats of Novak.  But to his credit, he’s been solid and has given me some confidence.  I can’t really judge him completely though until I see him do what Kaeding couldn’t - make some playoff kicks in the clutch. 

Looking ahead: Our schedule gets significantly more difficult in the coming weeks.  We actually get to play some games against teams with winning records!!  *gasp*  However, considering the injury to Campbell of the Raiders, I can’t see us NOT winning the AFC West.  If we do end up blowing it, it would be a major MAJOR disappointment.  As for our overall record, I see us realistically at about 11 wins or so.  We’ll see how things are looking next time I feel like writing about them.

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